Biotechnology is the possibility of using living organisms, their systems or their metabolic products to solve technological problems, as well as the possibility of creating living organisms with the necessary properties by various methods.

Biotechnology is often referred to as the use of genetic engineering, but the term also refers to a wider complex of processes for modifying biological organisms to meet human needs. With the help of modern methods, traditional biotechnological production has the opportunity to improve the quality of food products and increase the productivity of living organisms.

Until 1971, the term “biotechnology” was used, for the most part, in the food industry and agriculture. Since 1970, scientists have used the term as applied to laboratory methods. The use in industrial production of microorganisms or their enzymes that provide the technological process has been known since ancient times but systematic scientific research has significantly expanded the arsenal of methods and means of biotechnology.

The direction of our Company is the cultivation of beneficial microorganisms in industrial quantities for the revival of barren and / or damaged soils and the cultivation of environmentally friendly agricultural products.