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About Bctovit g2

Bactovit g2 is the Bio-active growth stimulant and soil conditioner, is an all-natural, environmentally safe liquid microbiological concentrate, is a ready made product, which only has to be diluted with water. Bactovit g2 consists of a mixture of probiotic micro-organisms wich increases yield significantly. It improve soil health by stimulating and feeding native microbial life in the soil which creates a higher yielding crop. When probiotic microorganism cultures are applied to soil, they stimulate the decomposition of organic wastes and residues, thereby releasing inorganic nutrients for plant uptake. It can be used for soil and foliar application. Approved for use in organic BIO cultivation.

pH=6.5 ±0.5            CFU/1ml min.: 1×109

Ingredients: Probiotic microorganisms, sugar sirup, water.


Photosynthetic bacteria, fermenting bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, yeast and actinomycetes.

Product benefits:

– Improve the nutritional uptake efficiency of plants
– Improved crop performance
– Increase seed germination
– Enrich the soil in residential lawns and gardens
– Increases yield significantly and improves quality of plants
– Stimulates plant enzymes
– Plants are healthier and more resistant towards pest and diseases
– Improves the soil structure and the water-holding capacity
– Increases the effictiveness of fertilizers and reduces nutrient especially nitrate leaching
– Requires less usage of pesticides

The usage of Bactovit g2 have demonstrated the effectiveness on ecosystem improvement of the soil micro flora, promotions of crop root development and recovery of polluted environments. This makes Bactovit g2 ideal in soil rejuvenation. Bactovit g2 increases productivity of agricultural culctures from 30 % and more.

Directions of use

Can be applied for all agricultural and horticultural plants, fruit trees, ornamental plants, turf and pasture for soil and foliar application.
– 4-6 liter Bactovit g2 concentrate mix with not chlorinated water per 1 hectare. Apply in drip irrigation, in-furrow, banded or sidedressed.
– 2-4 liter Bactovit g2 Concentrate mix with 200 liters of not chlorinated water per 1 hectare. Apply in spraying.

For best results:
Use 3-4 time at 15 days interval. The joint use of the Bactovit g2 with the Biomax g2 in same tank gives the maximum result.

– treatment: before planting- spraying into soil with rotation into the soil.
– treatment: prior to flowering foliar spraying.
– treatment: after full flowering plant spraying.


  • When spraying, do not exceed a pressure of 3.4 atmospheres (50 psi).
  • Finish using the solution within 6 hours after mixing with water.
  • Wear a medical mask and goggles when using. In case of contact, rinse with water.
  • Do not freeze the drug.
  • Bactovit g2 has a natural sediment. Shake before use.
  • Do not mix with chemical drugs.


Store 12 month at temerature +5oC – +15oC. and away from direct sunlight.

See production date on the package.


Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Brochure (PDF)

Approve and Certifications


  • 1 L. plastic bottle
  • 5 L. plastic bottle
  • 10 L. polyethylene can
  • 20 L. polyethylene can

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