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About Subtil BS

subtil BS is a new generation microbiological preparation effective against fungal and bacterial diseases on any crops – home flowers, rooted cuttings, in the garden on fruit trees and shrubs, on all vegetable crops. subtil BS protects not only plants but also the soil against fungal and bacterial infections. In addition, the drug has a strong growth-accelerating, immunostimulating and anti-stress effect. subtil BS is used for seed treatment, cuttings, soil preparation before sowing and planting, for spraying vegetative and fruiting plants. subtil BS (working solution) is intended primarily for spraying vegetative plants on the leaf, as well as for spraying vegetables, fruits, berries, tubers before storage.

 subtil BS refers to systemic drugs that can spread through the vascular system of plants. Its basis is a spore culture, the products of its vital activity (produces fungicidal oligopeptides) suppresses the reproduction of such pathogens of fungal and bacterial plant diseases as: Alternaria, American powdery mildew, bacteriosis, bacterial spot (black rot), bacterial cancer, white spot (septoria), brown rust, root rot, monolith burn, powdery mildew, scab, downy mildew (downy mildew), penile rot, rust, rhizoctonia, snow mold, dry and wet rot of tubers, tracheomycosis (tracheomycosis wilting), late blight, phomosis, fusarium rot, cercospora and etc.

subtil BS and rot during storage of tubers and bulbs: white rot, gray rot, black dry rot, fruit rot, dry fusarium rot and etc.

The efficacy of subtil BS can vary from plant to plant and, depending on the disease, ranges from 65 to 95%. These are very good indicators, considering that the drug is low-toxic.

The scheme of the drug action:

bacterial culture of Bacillus Subtilis, suppresses the ability to spread in many bacterial and fungal infections by products of its own vital activity. First, the culture replaces pathogenic bacteria, and then, as it were, preserves them, preventing them from multiplying.

Approved for use in organic production.


– Spores of bacteria Bacillus subtilis, CFU in 1 ml minimum 1×107.

– Trace residues of N, P, K, Ca, Cl, Mg, Mn, S, Na and beet molasses.

subtil BS as a plant resuscitato

Concentrate of spores of bacteria Bacillus subtilis, antibiotics of natural origin, vitamins, enzymes that help dissolve the cell walls of pathogenic fungi and bacteria. subtil BS helps to restore plant growth due to disease damage, exposure to adverse factors affected by waterlogging, sunburn, frozen plants. Can be combined with growth stimulants.

Advantages of subtil BS

– ease of use;

– the ability to be stored for a long time;

– compatibility with chemicals in tank mixes;

– lack of phytotoxicity and harmlessness to humans, animals and insects;

– affordable price;

– no waiting time: the fruits can be eaten literally on the day of processing.

– its application at any time at any stage of plant development – during the growing season, flowering, fruiting,

and even on the day of harvest.

APPLICATION (by spraying and watering at the root)

  • Treatments can be carried out in any weather (but not earlier than 18:00), but after rains, the protective film formed from spraying is partially washed off, so re-spraying is necessary. Frequency 7-14 days, depending on the weather. In the period of long, lingering rains, it makes sense to spray 2-3 hours before rain or immediately after rain.If subtil BS is used for irrigation, then the frequency of treatments is:– for vegetables and indoor plants once a month- for fruit trees and shrubs 2 times a month 

    Instructions for use

    – At the beginning of the disease, dilute the preparation 1 with 20 parts of water, spray the plants thoroughly. Reapply after 10 days.

    – In case of a strong degree, dilute 1 part of the concentrate with 2 parts of water. Reapply after 10 days.

    – Before planting cuttings, tubers, bulbs or seeds, they are soaked in a solution of 4 drops of liquid subtil BS in 200 ml of water;

    – Indoor plants can also be watered with the solution described in the previous paragraph;

    – 40 ml of subtil BS is diluted in 1 liter of water, after which the potato tubers are immersed in this solution;

    – Before planting, the soil is treated with a solution of 10 ml of the drug in 10 liters of water. This amount is enough to cultivate 1 m² of land;

    – To reduce the risk of diseases of the products during storage, they are sprayed with subtil BS solution or immersed in it;

    – Dilute 10 ml of subtil BS in 10 liters of water and spray this solution on 3-4 m² of soil or on a planting area of 100 m² (1l per 1ha). Processing is carried out during the growing season 2 times a month.

    – Tomatoes and cucumbers should be sprayed with a solution prepared from 10 ml of subtil BS per 10 liters of water (1l per 1ha). Re-spraying after 5-10 days gives maximum protection.

    Caution: When spraying, do not exceed 3.4 atmospheres (50 psi). Stop using the solution within 8 hours after mixing with water. Wear a medical mask and safety glasses when using. Do not freeze the drug. Use the drug in the evening (after 19:00) – bacteria die under sunlight. subtil BS has a natural sediment – mix before use.


subtil BS is compatible with chemical pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers and growth regulators, antibiotics.


1 year in its original packaging in a dry room, optimally from +2 – + 6 ° С, separately from food products and medicines, in places inaccessible to children and pets. Storage of the working solution is permissible at 20-25 °C in a place protected from the sun for 6 hours.


Product Data Sheet (PDF)


  • 1L. plastic bottle
  • 5L. polyethylene can
  • 10L. polyethylene can
  • 20L. polyethylene can

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