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Tricho-Guard is a specially grown spores of the fungus Trichoderma harzianum, Trichoderma viride, Trichoderma lignorum.

The spores of this fungus secrete active bio-substances that have high biological activity and due to this they participate in the decomposition of organic substances enriching the soil. It plays an important role in the decomposition of ammonium and nitrite, enriches the soil with phosphorus and calcium. And the bioactive substances secreted by these mushrooms accelerate the growth of plants and their fruits by protecting them from various diseases. Spores are biologically active in groundwater and act as an adversary of bacteria and other fungi that infect plants. Fungal spores secrete substances that are necessary for normal plant growth. They generate various processes of soil bioregulation.

pH=6.5 ±0.5    CFU in 1ml min.: 1×109

Alternaria, Anthracnose, Bacterial Fetus Cancer, White and gray rot (fomozy), Kela cabbage, Peach Curl, Mealy dew (oidium), Fruit scab, Rhizoctoniosis, Perinosporosis (mildew, downy mildew), Phytophthalosis of potatoes and tomatoes, Fusarium, Black leg seedlings and other root rot

Directions of use

For Tricho-Guard activation use 1 hour after mixing with warm water (30oC) in doses mentioned below. Spraying and watering is carried out in the evening after 19:00.

Deciduous spraying: 

  • 1 liters per 1 hectare for spraying. Apply 10 days after planting 3 times every 15 days.

Application for soil:

  • Annual crops: 2 liters per 1 hectare. To make at the first irrigation (when preparing the soil or moistening the soil 7-10 days before planting). Repeat 2 more times every 4 weeks.
  • Trees: 2 liters per hectare. Apply during the early spring.

Note: Initial frequent applications may be required to create favorable populations of soil fungi, however, for the normal use it needs to take 4 weeks between applications.

Treatment / disinfection of seedlings:

  • Dip the seedlings in a solution of 5 ml per 1 L. of water for 5-10 seconds. Do this process immediately before planting in the soil.

Seed treatment:

  • Gardening: 5 ml per 1 kg of seeds, soak for 5-7 minutes. Apply immediately before planting.
  • Large farm: 2 liters per 1 ton of seeds, soak for 5-7 minutes. Apply immediately before planting.
  • Cuttings: 10 ml per 1 L as a dipping solution. Apply immediately before planting.


  • When spraying, do not exceed a pressure of 3.4 atmospheres (50 psi).
  • Finish using the solution within 6 hours after mixing with water.
  • Wear a medical mask and goggles when using. In case of contact, rinse with water.
  • Do not freeze the drug.
  • Tricho-Guard has a natural sediment. Shake before use.
  • Do not mix with chemical drugs.
  • Spraying the drug to stop until the fruits.


  • store 24 months in a dry dark place at a temperature of +5oC ± 2oC.
  • store 12 months in a dry dark place at a temperature of +10oC ± 2oC.

See production date on the package.


Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Brochure (PDF)

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  • 1L. of plastic bottle
  • 10L. of polyethylene can
  • 20L. of polyethylene can

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BGS 1008-6