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About Turingi BTK

turingi BTK – ORGANIC BIO-INSECTICIDE a special bioactive microbiological preparation for the destruction of pests was developed on the basis of the bacteria Bacillus turingiensis kurstaki. This liquid bio-insecticide formula is a complex of δ-endotoxins with bacterial spores. δ-endotoxins are found in the cytoplasm of the Bacillus turingiensis kurstaki bacterium. turingi BTK is a high quality bio-insecticide that is easy to mix with water for pest control. Spores of Bacillus turingiensis kurstaki and special crystals of δ-endotoxin enter the pest’s body in the form of protoxins with leaves and kill it, causing toxicosis in its gastrointestinal tract. Can be used in agriculture, gardens, fruit trees, vegetables, cereals, ornamental and all other plants. turingi BTK is prepared using a special technology with the addition of a balanced amount of microorganisms Bacillus turingiensis kurstaki. Compatible with all chemical and mineral fertilizers used in agriculture. Can be used on all plants.

Not phytotoxic. It is harmless to humans, fish, animals, bees, all beneficial insects and entomophages.

Toxic to oak and silkworms !!!


– Number of microbes Bacillus turingiensis kurstaki CFU in 1 ml minimum 1×107,

– crystalline δ-endotoxins,

– trace residues of mineral salts N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Mn, S and beet molasses,

the rest is water.

INSTRUCTIONS (spray applied)

– Dissolve 200 grams of granulated sugar in 200 liters of warm (30 °С) water, add 100 ml of turingi BTK to this solution and mixing. Apply the resulting solution after 3 hours. Depending on the pest, the pests usually die within 2-6 days.

NOTE. For the best results, use every 10 days.


  • Do not exceed 3.4 atmospheres (50 psi) pressure while spraying. Use the solution no later than 8 hours after mixing with water. When using, use a medical mask and safety glasses. Do not freeze the drug.turingi BTK has a natural sediment and requires stirring before and during use.

Storage rules

Store in a dry protected place at temperatures from + 5 to + 10 ° С, out of reach of direct sunlight. Special requirements for transportation – thermocontainer with temperature control from +5 to +10 °C. Store at + 15 ° C for no more than 2 hours.

Shelf life

– Store in closed original packaging for 12 months at temperatures from + 5 to + 10 °C.

– Mixing with water: maximum 8 hours when stored in a dark room at 20-25 °C.


Product Data Sheet (PDF)


  • 1L. plastic bottle
  • 5L. polyethylene can
  • 10L. polyethylene can
  • 20L. polyethylene can

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