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About Bio-bitpest g2

Bio-bitpest g2 is ORGANIC LIQUID PESTICIDE, bio-active pesticidal composition for the destruction of insects. It is special Bio pesticide liquid formula Bio-bitpest g2 is a water soluble, high quality pesticidal composition for the destruction of pests. Can be applied for agricultural and horticultural plants, fruit trees, ornamental plants. It is a Bio pesticide liquid formula. Bio-bitpest g2 is produced from natural products with the addition of a balanced amount of microorganisms.

Compatible with all chemicals and fertilizers used in agriculture.

Approved for use in organic production.

Composition: wine vinegar, alcohol, sugar, water, complex of beneficial microorganisms

pH = 6.0 ±0.5

Storage: Keep in dry and dark place with temperature +5oC – +20oC

See production date on the package.


Product benefits:

  • Significantly increases protection against pests
  • Stimulates the growth of plants by biological protection
  • Improves quality of plants
  • Stimulates plant enzymes
  • Improves the appearance of plants
  • Increases the efficiency of fertilizer
  • Suppresses the development of pathogenic microflora
  • Obtain ecologically clean Bio-organic products

Directions of use

– Apply by spraying;
PROPHYLAXIS: 1 liter of Bio-bitpest g2 be mixed with 250-500 liters of water and spraying
every 5th day till the appearance fruits;
RELAPSE: 1 liter of Bio-bitpest g2 be mixed with 100 liters of water and spraying every day
until the pests disappear (usually the process takes 2-7 days depend of type of insect and pests).

NOTE: For best results, use the above “PROPHYLAXIS” dosage every 5th day till the appearance fruits.

The dilution with water 1:250-1:500 finely-dispersed is sprayed on the plants 1-2 times a week from the begining of thr growing season, that is, before pests and diseases appear. This drug should be used regulary. Bio-bitpest g2 is not chemical pestitside that can solve the problem momental. The fermentation process that happens on the leaves and fruits makes it unpalatable to insect and unfavorable for the development of patogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi.

CAUTION: When spraying, do not exceed a pressure of 3.4 atmospheres (50 psi). Finish using the solution within 6 hours after mixing with water. Wear a medical mask and goggles when using. In case of contact, rinse with water. Do not freeze the drug. Bio-bitpest g2 has a natural sediment. Shake before use.


Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Brochure (PDF)

Approve and Certifications

  • 1L. plastic bottle
  • 5L. plastic bottle
  • 10L. polyethylene can
  • 20L. polyethylene can


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