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About Biomax g2

Biomax g2 is liquid product, special extract from Organic Fertilizer Biohumus. It consists of definite quantity of free amino acids. Average content of amino acids oscillate between 10-12%, content of humic and fulvic acids in work solution composes 80 mgr/l per each. Humic and fulvic substance is picked out from Organic Fertilizer Biohumus. Biomax g2 differs from other preparations because humic and fulvic substance concentration is increased in 10 times in addition many macroelements (N, P, K) and microelements (Ba, Ca, M, Mo, B, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cr) were brought in it. Biomax g2 consists of all Organic Fertilizer Biohumus components in soluble and physiological active condition. Bactericidal and fungicidal properties cause bacteriostatic proteins secreted by microorganism tissue and probiotic secreted from Fermentstart during fermentation. Increasing of production of cultural plants happens in uproot cultivation, which can be explained by many influences of humin substances to physic-biochemical processes of agricultural cultures.

Note: Many tests took part in many different climate-soil conditions of the USA, England, German, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russian, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and at last in Azerbaijan in AqriBioEkoTex LLC squares was established that preparations efficacy depends on type and mechanical structure of soil, presence of humus, use of nitrogen, potash and phosphoric manure, air’s temperate kind and age cultures, term of preplant cultivation, cultivation of vegetate plants and other factors.


No. Test Result Method
1 Total Nitrogen, N mass, %       2,7 Microcoulometer
2 Phosporus, P2O5, %       1,80 AAS
3 Potassium, K2O, %       2,8 AAS
4 Barium, Ba, mg/kg          – AAS
5 Calcium, CaO, %       0,25 AAS
6 Magnezium, MgO, %       0,18 AAS
7 Molibden*, Mo, %       0,02 AAS
8 Bor, B, %      0,016 AAS
9 Zink, Zn, %      0,03 AAS
10 Iron, Fe2O3, %      0,12 AAS
11 Manganese, Mn, %      0,027 AAS
12 Total humic+fulvic acids %         14 ——-
13 Chrome, Cr, mg/kg          – ppm
14 Plumbum, Pb  Not found
15 E.coli, 1gr  Not found ——-
16 Colibacillus  Not found ——-
17 Salmonella  Not found
18 pH      5,5  ±0.5



  • Increases seeds sprouting (energy of seeds growth)
  • Stipulates powerful roots formation of plants.
  • Promotes to fast cutting.
  • Stimulates growth and accelerate plants development.
  • Improves and accelerates.
  • Increases plants immunity to different diseases
  • Decreases nitrate contain chemical weed-killers in 8-10 times.
  • Prevents plants from heavy metals and radionuclide.
  • Increases contents of sugar, proteins and vitamins in fruits and vegetables.
  • Remove chlorine and stimulate development, flowering of rooms plants.

By important improvement of products bringing:

  • mineral fertilizers decrease 40-60%,
  • pesticides decrease 35-45%.


Biomax g2 can be used as for root and for foliar cultivate.


Preparation compotes with all herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. It allows us to bring it with them without destroying technological processes. Preparation can be used in all agricultural cultures Spraying sowing with Biomax g2 expediently conducts at the same time with caring in pesticide and urea.

Biomax g2 increases productivity of agricultural cultures from 30% and more (it depends onsoil’s feetless).

Directions of use

Cultivation rates with Biomax g2 is (mixed with water for spraying and watering):
For grain crops, once in the tillering phase, in the phase of going out into the tube and in the phase of the beginning of sowing – 3 l / ha;
For watermelons, vegetables and legumes 3 times every 15 days – 2 l / ha;
For cotton 3 times every 15 days – 3 l / ha;
For fruit and berries, citrus 3 times every 15 days – 2 l / ha;
For seed treatment 0.4 l / ha for quantity of seeds. Mix with water and soak for 12 hours;
For growing flowers 3 times every 15 days – 2 l / ha.

Note: The advantages of using Organic fertilizer BIOGUMUS together with Biomax g2 in vegetable production can also be applicable to the cultivation of other crops.
The exact amount of use of Biomax g2 depends on the condition of the soil.

Use of this preparation has influence to in creasing gross products, improving to quality of productions and decreases its cost price. It is very important aspect in market economy.

See production date on the package.


Keep 18 month in dry place with temperature +5oC – +20oC

See production date on the package.


Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Brochure (PDF)

Approve and Certifications


  • 1 L. plastic bottle
  • 5 L. plastic bottle
  • 10 L. polyethylene can
  • 20 L. polyethylene can

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